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How many jobs did I have to apply before landing an opportunity as a fresh graduate?
Ani Goswami in Career
10 Jan 2021 (0 Answer)

Well, there is no straighforward answer to this,  but let's approach this using simple mathematics. 


Step 1:

Lets assume there are more than 2000 organisations in the industry of interest.

Each organisation may have at least 4-5 jobs open (assumption) i.e. 10,000 jobs in total.

Of those 10,000, let’s say only 3% matches your criteria, et cetera.

That number comes down to 300. i.e. 300 freaking jobs are out waiting for you.

Step 2:

For 1 quality job application, the end to end process takes somewhere between 30-60 mins.

(Yes, you need to spend and invest your time in applying for jobs with good quality applications) 

Let’s take the higher end of 60 mins (1 hr).

This means, for 300 jobs, you need to “invest” 300 hours of your time;


Assuming you’ll invest 8 hours in a day to apply for jobs, that leaves you with 37.5 days in total to apply for 300 jobs.

There you go, you’ll need to make sure you make these 300 jobs count!

This is how I strategically approached my job search during my struggling time.

Within 1.5 months I had a job in my hand.

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