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What are the things restaurant customers do "unintentionally" that are disrespectful to the staff?
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17 Jan 2021 (2 Answer)

1. Not placing the order clearly

Customer- I don't like my eggs runny, they're meant to be well done. 

Waiter- I didn't see it written on your order, did you tell the person at the till about this?

Customer- no, but I don't like them runny, can you go and change them.

(Not cool)

2. Group bookings

A table booked for a large group of people, cutlery set out, napkins nicely folded, the necessary amount of high chairs needed, several salt/pepper and sauce bowls scattered around to make everyone more organised and at ease.

Oh what? You don't like where your table is so you've decided to rearrange the restaurant completely disrespecting the hard work the staff put in setting up your table.

3. Menus

Not putting menus back in the holder (seriously you don't even need to leave your chair), sticky dirty fingers all over the menus, leaving them on the floor or passing over to another empty table.

4. Picking up children's mess out of respect 

Children, young children especially don't eat neat and tidilly like we want them to but don't be gross. If they drop large chunks of food on the floor be respectful and pick it up.

5. Responding to the wait staff holding hot food

When the wait staff is holding a skillet that's spitting oil and fat at their face and hands, and no one can remember who ordered what. Take your time guys it's only burning the skin off her hands.

6. A waiter/waitress only have two hands

Server is already impressively balancing 3 plates across her arms. “Oh there's meant to be another meal, I ordered a lasagne,” yes Karen but I only have two hands!

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20 Jan 2021
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20 Jan 2021
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