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What are some 'interesting' medical terms for everyday situations? (when you need a better phrase than "pain in the butt")
Ani Goswami in Science
12 Jan 2021 (0 Answer)

1. Trichotillomania

Definition: an abnormal desire to pull out one's hair.  

Latin trich (hair) with Greek tillein (to pull, pluck)

The fact that is it 'abnormal' desire to pull out one's hair doesn't imply that we should 'normally' desire to pull our hair -haha.  

2. Anxiogenic

Definition: producing anxeity

This term is derived from the French anxiogene (meaning 'producing anxeity'). 

3. Prosopagnosia

Definition: a form of visual agnosia characterized by an inability to recognize faces

Although difficult to use in our a figurative sense, but that doesn't mean we cannot use it in our everyday life. For we all of us have had those mortifying occasions when we have failed to recognize someone who obviously knows who we are, and have then had to come up with a suitable explanation for why we have no idea who they are. Now you may lie more convincingly, and simply claim that you have a severe case of prosopagnosia. 

Now, finally the one you've been waiting for. 

4. Proctalgia

Definition: rectal pain

Although there are many words in the English language that we could use to describe someone who happens to be a pain in the bum figuratively. However, we could use 'Proctalgia' figuratively whose literal meaing is the sensation of having pain in our gluteus maximus region i.e. your bum. 

I hope you could use one of these words in your everyday vocabulary. 

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