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What is the Australian equivalent of NASA?
Ani Goswami in Technology
10 Jan 2021 (0 Answer)

Australia's geographic position presents unique opportunities for space research and exploration. Australia has held long term partnerships with international space agencies. One great example, is the use of the dish in Parkes NSW to rebroadcast the signal from Apollo 11’s successful moonwalk to the rest of the world.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is an Australian Government agency responsible for scientific research

Over the past 75 years, CSIRO has built strong capabilities and partnerships in space science and technology. It has worked with NASA since 1962, and in July 1969 played a key role in bringing images of the Apollo 11 Moon landing to more than 600 million people around the world.

Today CSIRO manages and operates the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex, one of NASA’s three spacecraft tracking stations around the world, and is exploring new collaborative research opportunities with NASA on optical communications, medical science, autonomous robotics, remote asset management, in situ resource utilisation, batteries and advanced manufacturing (source: CSIRO).

CSIRO works with leading global companies on a variety of space-related activities and is a key technology partner to the new Australian Space Agency, supporting the Agency’s goal of tripling the size of the Australian space industry by 2030.

The Australian Space Agency is Australia's national agency responsible for the development of Australia's commercial space industry, coordinating domestic activities, identifying opportunities and facilitating international space engagement that include Australian stakeholders. 

To know more about the Australian Space Agency, visit

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