Top List of Few of my very Favorite Products from Stila
My Favorite Stila Products

Well, well, well. Look who’s back!

I won’t write a novel before jumping into this post, but let’s just say between wedding planning, starting a new job, and freelancing, this little blog of mine had to take a back seat for a bit. I’ll definitely be continuing to post here when I have some free time, although I haven’t done a lot of makeup shopping in the past few months. Yay for me – and my wallet!

Today I want to talk about stila. stila is one of those brands that slowly crept their way into my makeup collection with a single-product purchase here and there over the years, but those products started becoming staples in my beauty routine. I remember when I first got into makeup and would visit the MAC counter twice a month, each time arriving with a shopping list of products I wanted to buy. I was never like that with stila; I’d just discover something on a Sephora trip or pick up a product at the recommendation of a friend or fellow beauty blogger. Then, all the sudden, I realized I had become a HUGE fan of the brand.

As I mentioned, I haven’t been doing a lot of makeup shopping at all in the past few months. Not only was this for budgeting reasons, but also because I really wanted to use the products I’ve spent my hard-earned money on. That’s when I realized how often I reach for my stila products – so now let’s talk about my favorites:

1. Convertible color dual lip & cheek cream

It started with Lilium (a perfect nude-pink, surprise, surprise!) and slowly my collection grew to include Gerbera (a peachy-nude) and Peony (a brownish rose). These look truly gorgeous on the cheeks and blend into the skin like a dream. They last forever on their own, but last even longer than that when you layer a powder blush on top. I also tap some of the product onto my lips – though I find them a bit drying on their own. I usually top off with some chapstick or gloss, but either way these are amazingly versatile and so pretty.

2. “In the Light” palette

When I do makeup for brides, I reach for this palette more often than any others. The neutral tones are so easy to work with, and there’s a great mix of both matte & shimmery eyeshadows. Honestly, this palette is probably worth it for the shades “kitten” and “bubbly” alone – go swatch them & see for yourself.

3. Stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner

I gotta keep it real & let you know the ONLY reason I stand a chance at creating a beautiful winged cat-eye look on myself is because of this liner. It basically does the job for me. The tip is extremely fine, which makes it easy to control and get the exact eyeliner look you desire. It also really does “stay all day”, hence the name – I’ve had to use a LOT of makeup remover to get this bad boy completely washed off at night!

4. Color balm lipstick

You know how easy it is to swipe Chapstick on your lips? This goes on exactly the same way, but leaves behind an insane amount of pigmentation while nourishing and hydrating your lips at the same time. It’s also infused with peppermint oil, so you feel immediately refreshed upon application. This is a great “vacation” product – swipe and go, easy peasy.

Next up on my list of stila products to try is their “set & bronze” powder – almost at the end of January in New Jersey and believe me, it SHOWS on this girl’s face! What do you love from stila? Tweet me or comment & let me know! xo


Written By
Tamal Basak in Luxury and Lifestyle
16 Nov 2021