Tips for hiring security guards
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My friend Juan works as a security guard and he is one of the best. He is so good that they even made him head of his group and it is he who is in charge of giving the go-ahead to those who apply to be part of his team. Juan knows his work well, that's why he left me some advice in case at some point I need to hire security guards, if that's your case, I'll share them with you!

Determine the security needs of your company

Depending on the type of business that requires security guards, the needs of this professional can be established. In some cases, it may be necessary to demand knowledge of weapons handling, fire control, risk assessment, etc.

Hire security guards from companies with permits

Would you work with a security company that does not have operating permits? No way ! Oui that would not give confidence anywhere. If you plan to hire a security team for a company, it will be great if you ensure that they have their operating licenses in force. Visit here security guard companies orange county

Put the skills of security guards to the test

No matter how confident the company is, you have the right to put the skills of the team of security guards they offer you to the test. These may include those related to verbal skills, conflict management tests, safety knowledge, first aid, among others.

Check the experience of candidates

It is important that the security guards have experience. This will allow them to know how to act in the different situations they will face. In addition, the experience allows them to have confidence in their skills, so they will end up having a better performance in the field.

Ask the necessary questions to find out more about the candidates

This will help you to know how the security guard candidate's reaction will be in different situations. For example, try asking what you would do if someone unauthorized wanted to enter the property; what is the procedure you would follow in an attempted robbery, etc. 

Evaluate the type of training the security guard has

Pas de all guards have the same type of training. Some may stand out more than others in certain areas. The more skills you have developed during your training, the more you will be able to deal with different types of incidents during your work.

What do you think of these tips for choosing security guards? Follow the security recommendations and you will see how the best guards will work for you! With these tips, the safety of those who visit your business will also be safe. This will create a security team that knows what to do in different situations. Juan also tells us that it is important not to neglect the qualification of the team after hiring, this will help them to be updated and organized in all the functions they will perform.

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05 Oct 2021