Gildan G240 and Gildan T-Shirts’ Style Guide
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Gildan is one of the world’s foremost t-shirt manufacturers that produce t-shirts in numerous colors and styles. Moreover, t-shirts from Gildan are good for screen-printing and affordable also. Men invest in Gildan tees in bulk owing to their cost-effectiveness and advantages. One of those remarkable t-shirts of the brand, Gildan is Gildan G240 (ultra-cotton long-sleeve tee). Additionally, the brand never compromises on the quality of its t-shirts for comfort. In this post, we shall discuss with you Gildan’s 6 popular style t-shirts so that you may consider buying them. Here is our Gildan t-shirts’ style guide: 

1.    Softstyle T-Shirts: It is a lighter ring-spun cotton t-shirt from Gildan, and it is a modern-style tee. Soft-style t-shirts from Gildan are the most popular and the comfiest. 100 % ring-spun cotton t-shirts from Gildan feature a smoother and longer yarn. These t-shirts are the strongest from Gildan and the best for screen-printing. Nonetheless, you can expect to pay more price for these t-shirts. The high-stitch density of these t-shirts is the reason they support high-quality screen printing. You will find these t-shirts in short-sleeve, V-neck, long-sleeve, and sleeveless versions. 


2.    DryBlend T-Shirts: These t-shirts feature more weight than Gildan’soft-style t-shirts. Plus, these t-shirt fabrics include 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Thus, you can count on these t-shirts for moisture-wicking performance. Dryblend t-shirts from Gildan will keep you cool, dry, and aid you to feel comfy throughout the day. Dryblend t-shirts are preshrunk and durable at the same time. You can wear these t-shirts and feel comfortable playing sports or doing routine tasks. Additionally, you will unearth these t-shirts in short-sleeve, long-sleeve, pocket tee, and ringer t-shirt versions.


3.    Ultra-Cotton T-Shirts: These t-shirts feature heavyweight and 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Ultra-cotton t-shirts from Gildan have also earned the name, essential tee. Furthermore, these t-shirts have a perfect weight and feature a classic fit. You can count on the softness and size of these t-shirts wash after wash. Gildan G240 is the pick of many men because of the preceding reasons. Plus, it is an ideal t-shirt for screen-printing and multi-purpose as a long sleeve tee. You can get your hands on ultra-cotton t-shirts from Gildan in short-sleeve, long-sleeve, pocket tee, and sleeveless versions.


4.    Heavy-Cotton T-Shirts: Gildan also makes heavy-cotton t-shirts, which are the favorite of the families. These t-shirts don’t lose their size after wash and are convenient to print designs on, too. These t-shirts are a little lighter than the ultra-cotton counterparts of the brand, Gildan. You will find heavy-cotton t-shirts ins the sizes, ranging from S (Small) to 3XL (3 Extra Large). Heavy-cotton t-shirts from Gildan come in short-sleeve, long-sleeve, V-neck, and sleeveless versions.


5.    Hammer T-Shirts: Hammer t-shirts from Gildan are modern-style tees with a classic comfort cut. These t-shirts are super-soft and smooth at the same time. You will feel great wearing these t-shirts in spectacular colors. Hammer t-shirts from Gildan will make you look and feel good. These t-shirts are great for screen printing, like many other Gildan t-shirts because of their ring-spun fabric. You may invest in these fashionable t-shirts from Gildan to stand out in your social circle.


6.    Performance T-Shirts: Gildan performance t-shirts are athletic-fitting t-shirts from Gildan with exceptional moisture-wicking performance. These t-shirts have 100% polyester jersey knit with anti-microbial properties. Gym rats should invest in these t-shirts for intense workouts. These t-shirts from Gildan are purposeful for athletes to do workouts while looking good. Performance t-shirts are ideal for the gym and perfect for screen printing team logos. You will find performance t-shirts from Gildan in short-sleeve, sleeveless, and long-sleeve versions.


These are 6 t-shirt style variants of the brand, Gildan. All of these t-shirts styles are peerless and purposeful at the same time. Gildan G240 (ultra-cotton tee) is one of the most-wanted t-shirts among other style tees from Gildan. Men can get their hands on the aforementioned t-shirt affordably from an online apparel store. Additionally, buying Gildan t-shirts from an online wholesale store has more advantages.




Gildan is one of the leading blank t-shirt brands and produces tees in various styles. The brand never compromises on the quality of t-shirts for the comfort that t-shirt enthusiasts desire from t-shirts. Six popular t-shirt styles of the brand, Gildan are as follows:


1.      Softstyle tees from Gildan are the most popular and feature lightweight ring-spun cotton.

2.      Dryblend t-shirts from Gildan feature 50% polyester and 50% cotton.

3.      Ultra-cotton t-shirts of the brand feature 100% preshrunk and heavyweight cotton.

4.      Heavyweight cotton t-shirts of the brand are excellent for families to wear as family t-shirts.

5.      Hammer t-shirts from the brand, Gildan will make you look and feel good.

6.      Performance t-shirts of the brand are perfect for workouts and screen-printing.


Finally, Gildan G240 is one of the favorite men’s t-shirts because it is a versatile and long-sleeve tee.

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28 Sep 2021