Benefits Of Using HR Business Process Outsourcing Providers To a Staffing Company
How can staffing companies benefit from HR BPO providers?

A business outsourcing phase is when a company's non-core activities are outsourced to a third party. It benefits businesses because it gives them more time to focus on core competencies that generate more revenue than non-core activities. And this also results in saving on resources and money.

HR BPO, or Human Resource Business Process Outsourcing, is how a company outsources its human resource services. The process entails assembling a trained team to handle all of the company's non-core activities, such as high-volume recruiting, training, payroll, and benefits administration. HR business process outsourcing providers can be highly beneficial to staffing firms and any other client who requires these services.

In this article, I will go over some of the benefits in detail.

But before we get into that, here is a brief list of the tasks HR BPO vendors provide their clients:

1. High-volume staff recruiting.    

2. Administration and payroll drafting and preparation.

3. Managing development and implementation of training programs.

Human resource outsourcing reduces overall company expenses

One of the primary reasons your staffing firm may choose human resource outsourcing is to save your company money. The cost savings come from a variety of sources, including:

Spending less on HR salaries

The salary of an HR manager solely relies on the years of their experience and the size of the company. Regardless, the range at which they are paid is between $70 000 and $83 000. Now, if you add the benefits like insurance and allowances, that is quite a substantial amount. So with HR BPO, this funding is redirected elsewhere.

You only pay for the services you need

With an HR BPO company, you can better manage your company's funds. Since you are paying the company for only the tasks they have to achieve, so much goes to savings. For instance, if they are hired for drafting the reports or creating the payroll, they only get payments for those tasks.

HR BPO services reduce the expenses for training staff

The average cost of training per employee is around $1200, according to the Association for Talent Development's 2016 State of the Industry report. HR business process outsourcing providers are critical for ensuring that you hire qualified candidates to reduce turnovers and any associated costs. You have the necessary resources to reduce the costs of hiring new employees.

Less time wastage leading to better productivity, thus more income

It saves you a lot of money to have your resources pointed in another direction because specific resources are covered. People on the ground can focus on matters that actually contribute to the company's productivity, and you save a lot of money in the long run.

As a result, your firm must invest in HR business process outsourcing providers to manage HR services. They will generate a greater return on investment than the cost of the service.

HR BPO reduces hiring mistakes

Suppose your company is not yet fully established; this means you are likely handling the HR services yourself. It might consume much of your time to focus on other essential tasks in your business. One study shows that many company owners manage the services independently, and some are unsure whether they are doing it correctly.

First of all, they are attracting the wrong candidates, engaging unqualified clients, and hiring fast, resulting in the business settling on a hire who is not the right fit for the job.

Employee management has become so complex in recent days. And It is necessary to have specialized knowledge, for it will help you avoid infringing the law. Companies that lack the expertise will make mistakes with payroll, fail to maintain their employees' paperwork, and lack effective policies for managing the staff. Such gaps in your enterprise are risky and can cost you money besides ensuring that you spend time on them.

By considering human resource outsourcing, as a business owner, you will save more time that, in turn, you can devote to more essential functions that are key in building your company. Instead, you can concentrate on setting goals, developing strategic plans, marketing, and selling, all of which will increase revenue.

Human resource outsourcing improves hiring

Working with HR business process outsourcing providers ensures that you hire the most qualified staff. Since many job seekers will come looking for job opportunities that offer good pay and provide an all-inclusive benefits package, some businesses lose out on top talent since they cannot compete with other companies.

A recent Consumer Clarity report showed that companies only retain 29% of talented millennial employees because they manage to keep them engaged. And so this begs the question, what is happening to the other 71%?

Most companies cannot match their competitor's benefits and compensation packages, and so employees leave. HR BPO provider makes it possible to provide attractive benefits packages that are not limited to training and insurance and are even open to negotiations down the line.

Human resource outsourcing improves compliance

One of the primary functions of an HR department is to ensure compliance with the law, which can be difficult. Wage and employment laws are constantly changing, and your company must follow local regulations and county, state, and federal guidelines. That doesn't even take into account any industry or union regulations that your company must follow—contracting experts aids in avoiding the adverse financial consequences that may result from non-compliance with these rules.

According to research conducted among businesses, companies failed to follow the established rules when disciplining their employees, leaving them vulnerable to lawsuits and fines. Outsourcing HR services ensures that your employees follow the law. It will also ensure that employees' issues, such as discipline, termination, and harassment claims, are handled following the specific rules and standards.

HR BPO helps employees negotiate better benefits

Due to the complexities and costs of managing voluntary contribution programs, health insurance, employee assistance programs, and other benefits, more than 70% of staffing companies struggle to provide comprehensive services to their employees. HR outsourcing offers enhanced benefits that go beyond simply providing more options. HR BPO providers are expert benefits managers who can assist your staffing company in answering questions from employees that you may be unable to respond to efficiently. Furthermore, you and your assistant managers will save time on administrative tasks, allowing you to devote more time to your business.

Take Away

Companies all over the world could benefit significantly from implementing HR BPO. It saves them money, protects the company from lawsuits, and ensures that they hire the best people. It may appear to be a minor detail, but companies that have already embraced HR BPO reap the benefits daily.

If you haven't already, you should!



Written By
Anand Y. in Career
28 Sep 2021