Versatile Australia: Australia’s Beauty Inside Out
Versatile Australia: Australia’s Beauty Inside Out

Everyone likes to be at a place where the grass is greener and the sun shines brighter! When we talk about the beautiful places on earth, we just cannot overlook the beauty of Australia. Ask anyone in this entire world, NOBODY can deny the fact that Australia has always been one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Australia is a country that evokes the wanderlust inside you just by seeing the pictures of its mesmerizing nature’s gifts.  Whether you are visiting Australia for the first time or the fifth time, you will always be held spellbound by its beauty. Australia’s natural beauties like vertical cliffs, enthralling beaches, soul-soothing pink lakes, and many other charming creations crown its surface appealingly.  The big thing about Australia is that it is beautiful inside-out, be it the natural beautiful landscapes and wildlife of Australia or its inner cohesion like the stability in employment, quality of life index, great economy, and much more, everything is upright. 

First, let’s talk about the outside beauty of Australia 

Australia is blessed with iconic tourist attractions because of which every holiday season people stand in long queues just to catch their flight to this exemplary place. Below we have summed up some of Australia’s splendid views that always remain in the spotlight, let’s take a virtual tour (until we book the ticket):

Sydney Opera House:

"The sun did not know how beautiful its light was until it was reflected off the Sydney Opera House”. – Louis Khan 

Visiting Australia and not witnessing the shimmery Sydney Opera House is definitely going to be a subject of self-accusation. The moment the alluring white shells of the Sydney Opera House contrast with the blazing blue waters of the Sydney Harbor, it leaves you bemused! This eye-popping dazzling view does not even look real, it feels like a vestige of an ancient shell from another age. The Sydney Opera house is one of the reasons why Australia looks extraordinary beautiful and it is said to be the icon of this beautiful nation.

The Twelve Apostles:

The Twelve Apostles of the Great Ocean Road is one of the main reasons why people desire to visit this place at least once in their lifetime. The way it rises up from the ferocious sea of the Great Southern Ocean in Port Campbell National Park is unbelievable! Its stunning view becomes the reason why this is the most desired place for road trips. Just standing on the coast and witnessing the sea winds whirling, blows your mind away.

The land of kangaroos:

Australia is the second name of Diversity, wondering why? Well, Australia is the sixth-largest nation in the world and has the sheer sight of diversity that leaves you bedazzled. The vast diversity of Australia makes it impossible for the visitors to witness each and everything but here is an advice, DO NOT miss the breath-taking sight of Kangaroos in Australia, after all, they play a major role in making Australia THE SPECIAL. These cute Kangaroos do not just gather the attention of kids, in fact, they amuse the heart of adults as well. You can meet these charming Kangaroos among the huge cliffs and green valleys.


Uluru is believed to be the oldest wonder of Australia as it is 680 million years old. The huge red rock of Australia stands 48 meters high and has a circumference of 9.4 km and whoever witnesses this beauty, it leaves them mouth-opened. The actual beauty of Uluru is witnessed at the time of sunrise and sunset. The blazing golden light of the sun makes the color of this rock livelier and way more entrancing.

Now let’s delve into the inner beauty of Australia 


Apart from the outer wonders of Australia, it has the eternal peace and beauty that makes this nation beautiful inside out. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Excellent Quality of Life Index: 

Australia is well-known for its excellent quality of life index and it is the major reason why it has become the second-best country to live in. Australia also comes at the top according to the Human Development Index established by the UN. Australia has the greatest access to socioeconomic well-being, education, and high life expectation.

Australia – The Happiest Country in the World:

According to the well-recognized “The Wall Street Journal”, Australia has been given the title of the Happiest Country in the World. This title was given to Australia after evaluating eleven welfare variables used by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Australia is self-sufficient and has a good quality index in every aspect including income, housing, employment, education, work-personal balance, citizen participation, as well as life satisfaction, and safety.

A Strong Economy:

It is no denying the fact that the Australian economy has been reaching heights over the last decades. It has been doing international business actively by delivering the highest-quality products and services. Australia made all of this possible because of its skilled workforce, harmony in society, an active lifestyle, and the socio-political backing of democratic institutions.

Brilliant Quality Education:

The Australian education level is the highest presently and good education makes this nation even more beautiful. It is known worldwide for its excellent quality and the credit goes to the high proportion of foreigners in the Australian universities.

A Multicultural and Safe Society

Australia is divined with a distinctive culture and this nation is discrimination-free which reflects its real beauty. It is a nation of immigrants and whoever lands here is respected in every aspect. Apart from rejecting racial discrimination, Australia also rejects the crimes in this country and has tight rules for the same. Because of these reasons, Aussies can proudly say that they live in a safe and peaceful society.  

So, do yourself a favor and witness the inside-out beauty of Australia which is all set to blow you away! 


Written By
Abhishek Jain in Luxury and Lifestyle
20 Feb 2021