Top beauty trends in Australia worth trying
Top beauty trends in Australia worth trying

Australia is one of the most beauty conscious and enthusiastic countries across the globe. The Australian beauty industry is always thriving and growing and gifting the world some of the most unique and exclusive beauty trends. These beauty trends are creative, imaginative, and highly acclaimed by industry leaders across the globe. The focus of the Australian beauty industry has shifted to being more sustainable, conscious, accessible, and affordable for all. Here are a few Australian beauty trends worth trying!


1.Plant-based ingredients that are indigenous

Australia is a land with extremely diverse and rich flora and fauna, and when it comes to beauty products, a majority of Aussies including the beauty industry are trying to adopt products and practices that are plant-based and natural. This use of indigenous ingredients is a movement in itself, as we grow more mindful and conscious of the impact we have on the environment. By becoming more inclusive, aware, and responsible, Aussies have made the switch from exploitative beauty practices to sustainable and natural ones that utilize their local ingredients. 


The beauty industry is actively working to make products that are organic, natural, and eco-friendly. This includes replacing harmful and toxic chemicals with natural ingredients and chemicals that are safe and ideal for both humans and the environment. Due to the country’s unique and rich ecology, there is plenty of potential to develop sustainable beauty and grooming practices easily. Moreover, by using local and indigenous ingredients that are available in abundance, these products become more accessible and affordable for the general public. Hence, by using plant-based ingredients that are indigenous, Australia is leading the way in terms of making grooming and skincare more environment-friendly and affordable.


1.Extensions for eyelashes

Big, beautiful eyes have always been in vogue, and this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Eyelashes are an intrinsic part of making your eyes statement worthy and can elevate a simple look significantly instantly. Hence, eyelash extensions are one of the top beauty trends in Australia right now. This practice has evolved from a niche and unheard procedure to a popular and routine one for the locals over the past few years. Aussies have made these eyelash extensions a part of their daily grooming routine and the appeal and popularity are only increasing. 


This beauty trend has pushed beauty professionals to take specialized courses to ensure that they give the most effective and comfortable treatment to their enthusiastic customers without compromising on the overall quality and effect of the procedure. 


2.Aromatherapy for the win

As mentioned earlier, natural products and ingredients are slowly gaining traction in the Australian beauty industry. This is due to several reasons. First, Australia has a rich and diverse ecology that provides a suitable source for all the raw and natural ingredients needed to replace the chemicals traditionally used in beauty products. Second, these ingredients come with fewer side effects and reactions and sometimes are even more effective than their commercial counterparts. Finally, Aussies are becoming more conscious of what they use for grooming and hence, sustainable and environmental beauty practices are taking the center stage. 


In addition to this, Aussies are discovering the amazing and unique benefits of aromatherapy, a process that utilizes only natural and organic ingredients that are available locally. Aromatherapy is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its relaxing and rejuvenating properties. It has also helped people in restoring their skin’s natural bounce and glow in just a few sessions. Aromatherapy is a beauty trend that is now being offered by a majority of Australian spas and retreats to help people detox, relax, and feel good. It utilizes the expertise and use of oils and therapeutic products to give you a more tranquil sense of self without using any harsh chemicals or toxins. 

3.Tailored and customized skincare products

Customer is king, and the Australian beauty industry has realized that just in time. Australia as a nation has an ever-growing appetite for beauty products. Several pieces of research, including one conducted by Mordor Intelligence, have indicated and shown that the overall market revenue of cosmetics is growing exponentially year after year, and shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. Customization and tailoring of skincare products are one of the top skincare trends in the Aussie beauty industry, and companies are doing their best to ensure that their customers get exactly what they want. 


This is being done through extensive surveys, the use of AI and algorithms, and by providing a wide range of products to suit everyone’s personal and exclusive needs. For example, several Aussie sites make their buyers take a survey to ensure that they match them with a suitable product that suits them best and appropriately. Beauty professionals are also setting up small shops and markets to provide these highly personalized and customized beauty products by interacting with customers personally and understanding their expectations and needs. Hence, instead of creating a market that is driven by supply, the Australian beauty industry is creating a market and suitable environment that is driven by customer demand and preferences.

4.Marble nails

Nails are a girl’s new best friend, at least in the tropical continent of Australia. According to a report released by Pinterest, one of the biggest social media platforms on the internet, marble nails, and nail art are among the top trends in Australia for the past couple of years. The searches for marble nails and nail art amount up to 31% of the total searches which is a significant chunk of activity and desire for this beauty trend. This means that there is never a day that people do not stop by a nail salon or artist’s studio to get their nails done professionally. MArble nails are among the top choices and preferences of the customers and can be spotted on every other Aussie’s hands. The nail industry itself is set to grow exponentially as more and more people are considering nail grooming to be a part of their daily routine.


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Amelia Smith in Luxury and Lifestyle
20 Feb 2021