Australia’s Prominent Healthcare System and Its Functioning
Australia’s Prominent Healthcare System and Its Functioning

Knowing a country “through and through” is incomplete without knowing its political state. In this blog, we will be walking you through the political state of one such country “Australia”, its workings, and the things you should be enlightened to. Australia is a self-reliant western democracy made up of six states: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia as well as two mainland territories: The Northern Territory and The Australian Capital Territory. Australia has a population of 20 million people who all rely on their government which follows a liberal democratic tradition. These people have many rights including the right of commitment to religious tolerance, freedom of speech, and association. 

It is essential to understand that Australia’s legal and educational institutions as well as its political structure are in reliance on the British and American Models. Also, the nation recognizes Queen Elizabeth II of Britain as the head of the state. Australia’s Federal Government has control over many services including foreign affairs, defense, taxation, trade and commerce, immigration, pensions, and postal. 

Australia’s Main Political Parties

There are three main parties that lead the political life of Australia. Let’s have a look:

The Liberal Party:

The Liberal Party of Australia was formed in 1994 under the leadership of Robert Menzies after a three-day meeting. The motive of forming this party was to unite non-labor parties in order to demonstrate a powerful alternative government to the citizens of Australia. This party has the sole aim of building a lean government by eliminating the interference in day to day lives of people and boosting the private and individual sector initiative. The liberal party takes the Australian people under its wing and supports them by granting initiatives and putting away the burdens of taxes. This party gives citizens the freedom of worship, speech, thought as well as association.

The National Party of Australia:

The National Party of Australia is famous with the name of THE NATIONALS and it plays an important role in Australian politics. This party is believed to have an influential impact on Australian politics as well as the Federal and State government of Australia. The main goal of this party is to enhance the style of living of almost eight million people living and working beyond the Australian capital cities. The National Party of Australia also has the aim of advancing international trade opportunities especially for Australia’s mining and agricultural industries. The major element that makes this party different from the Liberal Party is its conservativeness, it focuses mainly on the development of the private enterprise and not the intervention by the government.

The Australian Labour Party

This party officially came into existence with the first federal elections in 1901 with the aim of bringing reforms like removal of legal restrictions on union activity, compulsory industrial arbitration, removal of property qualifications for the franchise as well as the establishment of employer liability for industrial accidents and diseases. Keeping their disciplines and well-organization in view, this party finally got its official name (Australian Labor Party) in 1918. This party sets a complete example of a democratic socialist party with the objectives of socializing the industry democratically, distribution, and exchange. This party also keeps a close view on the exploitation and some other anti-social features in the above-mentioned field and make strategies to remove them. 

Things You Should be Aware of a Capable Australian Republic 

In addition to knowing the political state of Australia, it is also imperative to be aware of certain issues that need to be resolved for the Capable Australian Republic. You must take a peek at the below-mentioned points:

Why should Australia become a Republic?

Australia becoming a republic would mean that the Australians will be the ultimate source of executive authority representing Australia. It will be Australia, a wholly independent nation and it could be effected keeping the distribution of functions under the constitution intact. Australia will be free from the foreigner monarch and there will be a single Australian President. 

Australian voters support which method of selecting the president the most? 

Based on a survey, it is highly believed that Australian citizens prefer the popular election for choosing their president. It was quite evident the 1999 referendum as the majority of Australians was in favor of the republic Australia. 

Do you know Australia’s current head of state?

Well, according to the Australian constitution, there is no such term as “Head of State”. If we take a look at section 61 of the constitution, we will find that the major power of the nation is exercised by the Queen or by the general-governor on her behalf. But it can also be said that eventually all the powers are sourced to the Queen only even if they are exercised by the general-governor. If we do not take Queen into consideration, the general-governor shall also have no existence.

Can electing a single president change the operations of the office?

No, it is clearly a myth as having a president would have no impact on the functions of the office. It will only substitute the Queen or general-governor with the president and the rest of the operations would remain intact. There are so many countries that have done the same in the past and made their country a republic without abolishing the system of parliamentary government. 

Though Australia has a stable political state yet the majority favors the republic nation. All of this needs a single strategy and that is: broadening the mind set and taking the possible initiative. 



Written By
Amelia Smith in Politics
20 Feb 2021