The Most Alluring Cities to Visit in Australia
The Most Alluring Cities to Visit in Australia

Australia is a country that never ceases to amaze you! Located between the Pacific and the Indian oceans, this beautiful continent is the sixth-largest country in the world. No matter how long you have been in this country, you can never get enough of it. If you think Aussies are blessed with just natural wonders then you are absolutely wrong. Other than reaping the benefits of the natural beauties, Australians also experience the beauty of its vibrant cities. These cities offer you way more than you ever expected, like the diverse food scenes, exquisite beaches, iconic wine, first-class surf, as well as vivid nightlife. Australia is unique in its own way and so are its cities. You need to stay for a while in Australia if you really want to hop from the Australian natural wonders to its lively cities.

Let’s take a virtual tour to some of the bright Australian cities:


Visiting Australia and not roaming in Sydney, impossible! Sydney is one of those cities of Australia which has been known for its sophistication and modernity. Sydney is blessed with natural beauties like the Blue Mountains and Throbbing Beaches that leave you in awe whenever you visit them. If you are a big-time foodie, then this is the city in Australia you should definitely visit. Sydney offers you different varieties of scrumptious food and drinks that let you keep eating for hours. The Opera House of Sydney is the highlight of this city, here you can cheer your spirit with a number of live performances and satisfy your appetite by dining in top restaurants. All the photogenic out there, you will get a perfect spot for the perfect clicks nearby the Harbour Bridge, or to get the magnificent panoramic view, just climb the 134-meter high harbour bridge.

Gold Coast:

This city is exactly made for the people who are crazy about adventures! The Gold Coast offers you a slew of amusing activities like roller-coasters, surfing, and most importantly the vibrant nightclubs. Every year this city is filled with uncountable visitors making merry with the adventurous activities of Gold Coast. This city has some of the best Australian beaches and its coastline is stretched for more than 60 kilometres which makes it even more entrancing. The Gold Coast has an amazing touch of Australian culture as you can enjoy the aboriginal dance performances and cultural walking tours at the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre. If you are the one who loves exploring and observing wildlife then the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Gold Coast is the place you must visit. It is the home for various native species like Kangaroos, Crocodiles, and Koalas. Also, the theme parks of the Gold Coast are just made for the delectation of your kids.


Adelaide is rich in enticing museums and local food delicacies. Every year, this city organizes various cultural events which are worth attending at least once in your life. The bohemian vibes, entrancing artistry, everything is so luxurious about Adelaide. It is blessed with local vineyards having the coast and the wine-growing Mount Lofty Ranges on its circumference. To bless your eyes, Adelaide has a magnificent collection of national and local art in the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA). Other than that, the National Wine Centre has a great range of delicious wines that are definitely worth the try. You will get a sight of cute whales at the Fleurieu Peninsula when you visit this place between May and October. The koalas and wallabies are usually found roaming in the Cleland Wildlife Park which is another highlight of the city Adelaide.


No city is cooler than Melbourne in Australia. It has everything that excites the youths of today, whether the coffee culture of this city, vintage shops, or graffiti-covered backstreets. This city never lets you get bored as it has everything to have fun with, ranging from various arts to sports. Melbourne has no shortage of wildlife as well, it is blessed with plenty of wildlife as it is situated at the most beautiful Victoria’s coast. The eye-catching art of the oldest art gallery, The National Gallery of Victoria has the power to hold you spellbound. If you want to delight in the most delectable street food, Queen Victoria Market is the right place to land on. In addition to the scrumptious food and magnificent art, Melbourne also offers you the site of cute little penguins that can be found in Phillip Island. Also, the iconic Great Ocean Road is perfect for long romantic drives, mesmerizing isn’t it?


Brisbane is the most popular and oldest cities of Australia as it was the home for indigenous people thousands of years ago. Brisbane, built around the Brisbane River is considered to be the heaven for water lovers having a slew of wonders like riverfront promenades, beaches, and islands. Roaming or cycling around its street, playing with water, enjoying music, you can do everything here. If you are an art lover then there is no way you cannot love Brisbane, the famous art galleries like The Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art display stunning art pieces. In addition to this, Brisbane has a lot more to offer you like various engaging markets at Brisbane’s South Bank, calming city beaches, and the world’s largest koala sanctuary.

Wherever you go, every city of Australia reflects its multicultural and child-out nature. These spirited cities offer you an abundance of adventurous things to do. Whether you are a foodie, sports enthusiast, art lover, music freak, or a nature lover, Australian cities are made for EVERYONE.  



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Amelia Smith in Society
20 Feb 2021