Australia is a land of unique and exclusive sights and experiences. From colored lakes to being the home of the largest and the biggest natural feature in the field, there are a variety of experiences that make your journey in the country authentic and original. Here are 10 of the most attractive and special features that the country has to offer!


1.Uluru or Ayers Rock

Uluru or Ayers Rock is considered to be one of the most famous icons of Australia, and rightly so. This is because it is perhaps one of the most ancient cliffs in the world. Many scientists claim that this orange-brown beauty is over 680 million years old, and is considered to be Australia’s heart, almost literally. Located in Central Australia, Ayers Rock is about 2.2 miles long and 2 miles wide. It stands tall at a mighty 1,142 feet, and this historic site includes a range of caves that contain ancient rock paintings. Moreover, to experience the true authenticity and originality of Australia, one can even see the natives perform their sacred rituals here at Uluru.


2.The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef has made it to everyone’s geography books in school globally, and it is one of the many things Australia is known for worldwide. In the most basic term, the Great Barrier Reef is simply a coral reef system that is composed of more than 2900 coral reefs and about 900 islands. These are located in the coral sea and this stretches along the northeast coast of Australia, for about 2,500 kilometers. The Great Barrier Reef is regarded as the biggest and the most extensive natural feature which comprises living organisms, and is even visible from outer space!


3.Cattle Mustering

It doesn’t get more Australian and authentic than cattle mustering, which simply put, is herding various cattle through the dusty plains of the Australian outback. The best place for cattle mustering is in the Northern Australian territory of Bullo River station, it is carried out in the cooler months of May and September. This process involves bringing cattle around a station so that they can be branded, vaccinated, dehorned, vet-checked, and ear-marked.


4.Cave Hills

The Cave Hills located in Uluru or Ayers Rock is perhaps as authentic as it can get in Australia. Australia has a rich indigenous culture which can be experienced away from the crowds of the city in these Cave Hills. They offer a greater and deeper insight into the native Australian culture, the history of the indigenous people, and the importance and significance they hold in the making of Australia. Moreover, you also get to see the astounding and magnificent cave paintings that truly and authentically depict the Aboriginal creation story,  as you’re taken aback by the scenic view and the rich cultural history.


5.Outback Experiences

If you’re big on road-trips or self-driving expeditions, the Australian outbacks provide extraordinary and refreshing experiences away from the normal tourist trail. Self-driving holidays in the Australian outback will give you the authentic Australian experience on a budget, as well as help you explore the country more personally at your own pace. Kimberly, considered as one of the last unspoiled areas in the country, provides an eclectic landscape mix that includes pristine beaches, extensive cave systems, vast deserts, rich rainforests, and beautiful wildlife all of which are supported by friendly locals.


6.Arnhem Land

If you’re interested in an authentic and original experience in Australia, consider visiting Arnhem Land. This attraction focuses on aboriginal culture and is located in North Australia. Additionally, this is owned by the aboriginal people themselves, which guarantees authenticity and credibility. You can have a unique and organic experience since this area is not very populated and only inhabited by the natives. You need to cross the East Alligator River, into Red Lily Billabong, before you finally enter the Arnhem Land and view the works of aboriginal artists in the Gunbalanya settlement.


7.Kangaroo Island

This is certainly one of Australia’s hidden gems and is located in the southern part of the country near the bustling city of Adelaide. It is said that Kangaroo Island was separated from the mainland to form the unique island it is today over thousands of years ago. This rich island is home to endemic kangaroos, and a plethora of other wildlife such as whales, echidnas, sea lions, seals. You can view this extensive wildlife in its natural habitat at Kangaroo Island, which is also extremely popular and famous for its quality food and wine, which are locally produced.


8.Magical Lakes

Australia is home to two of the most amazing and unique lakes in the world. The first one is Lake McKenzie, which is a beautiful perched lake located in the country. It is considered one of the clearest lakes in the world, and one can view the rich and beautiful aquatic life without venturing too deep into it. The second one is the majestic Lake Hillier, commonly known as the pink lake, which is like the name indicates, pink in color! At the beginning of the previous century, it was used as a source of salt for about six years. Scientists have discovered that this lake gets its pink color due to the presence of microalgae Dunaliella salina.


9.Horizontal Waterfalls

Horizontal waterfalls? We know it sounds pretty bizarre, but anything is possible in Australia. These gravity-defying waterfalls, commonly known as the Australian Miracle Russell Falls, specifically the multi-tiered Mitchell Falls, are not very famous but are mesmerizing nevertheless. They can be viewed from the Talbot bay, where two ridges that run parallel and are almost 300 meters apart are located. Through these unique ridges, a massive amount of water is pushed by a tidal wave, creating temporary horizontal waterfalls.


10.Australian Aborginal Culture

Finally, Australia is what it is today only because of its precious and indispensable aboriginal culture, and you can’t have an authentic and original experience without meeting and understanding the natives. It is one of the oldest continuous living cultures in the world that has successfully preserved its ethnicity. With over 200 language groups and more than 700 dialects in the country, the old legends tell and narrate stories of a ‘Dreamtime’ which is often reflected in the art, the writing, and other forms of expression such as dances and songs.

Written By
Alice Smith in Life
20 Feb 2021