Staying fit is now easier with these exclusive fitness tips
Staying fit is now easier with these exclusive fitness tips

Australians, or Aussies, are known for their lively and energetic approach and outlook towards life. Being fit and active is an essential and crucial part of the Aussie lifestyle, and there are a few favorites that they have to make it more fun, engaging, and interesting. Here are some exclusive fitness tips that Australians swear by!

1.Be as social as possible

Aussies love socializing, and what better way to achieve your fitness goal than to hang out with your friends and get them involved in a fun activity! Working out with your friends can help you stay focussed and motivated, as it eliminates monotony and boredom from the process. Moreover friendly competition and nudges go a long way in helping you work out more efficiently and strictly, as compared to doing it alone. Build a lively social circle in your fitness class or take your friends with you to your workout sessions to build a sense of community and keep you more involved and motivated in and throughout the process.


2.Outdoors for the win

Aussies love to travel. Fuel this wanderlust to stick to your fitness goal effortlessly and explore your surroundings. Simply cycle around a lovely local park or choose a longer and more scenic route to walk to work. Exercising outdoors is an Aussie tendency that comes with a plethora of health benefits, which are not just physical, but also mental. Several researchers have found that there is a strong link between being outdoors and a significant and quick reduction in stress. Moreover, you will also get essential Vitamin D from outdoor exercise which makes your bones stronger. Fresh air contributes to increased and higher oxygen levels which helps in releasing serotonin, the feel-good hormone, in your body. Hence, choosing outdoor exercise is an excellent way to lift your mood, nourish your body naturally, as well as stick to your fitness goals!


3.Early bird gets the worm

This popular saying is a religion in Australia, and morning workouts are extremely popular in the country. Aussies prefer morning workouts to evening workouts due to several reasons. On the populated coasts, you’ll find a large number of people out on their morning walk or jog along the beach. Some prefer an energizing swim in the ocean, while others stick to indoor workouts in gymnasiums. Whatever the preference may be, mornings are crucial for Aussies as we like to get our blood pumping first thing in the morning. This helps in kickstarting the metabolism and increased brain activity and better functioning throughout the day.

Moreover, you also get the wonderful flood of endorphins after you work out in the morning, ensuring that you start your day with an uplifting and motivating mental high.


4.HIIT is in

High-Intensity Interval Training, commonly known as HIIT, is one of the most beloved forms of working out for Aussies. This fast-paced, efficient, and super effective training method gives you rapid and guaranteed fitness results, especially if you want a full-body workout and toning. If you’re aiming to build lean muscle and shed off stubborn fat, HIIT is the perfect fit for you. Moreover, according to a report by Netdoctor, HIIT sessions push your heart rate to about 90% to 100%of its maximum. This proves that it is efficient and effective to strengthen it over time. HIIT classes in Australia focus on repetitive exercise being done in a short time frame, to create oxygen deprivation. This causes a higher energy expenditure during recovery, and you end up burning calories even after your workout is over! Hence, it is no secret why HIIT is highly preferred by Aussies to maintain high fitness levels and good heart health.

5.Consistency is key

If you want sustainable, long-term results, consistency is key. In fact, Aussies believe that fitness isn’t a journey, it is a lifestyle. Once you get to your goal weight, you can’t go back to old habits because you’ll be out of shape sooner than ever before. Hence, consistency and patience are key when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. However, you must also be careful to make that process as sustainable as possible so it becomes a habit and an integral part of your life. Don’t be demotivated by the scale in the initial stages because change doesn't happen overnight. Instead, adopt the Aussie way of positivity and stay focussed on the goal, not the roadblocks. If your efforts are honest, consistent, and monitoring, you are sure to reach your fitness goals in no time!

6.Embrace nourishment, not fad diets

Australians are known for their barbeques, rich foods, and protein-rich diets. Usually, people restrict a lot of traditional and local foods when they begin their fitness journey. This is mostly due to blindly following a fad diet that promises false and unrealistic results. Instead of restricting foods you love, focus on nourishing yourself, and moderating what you eat. Food is a big part of the Australian culture and hence, Aussies make sure that food and fitness are never mutually exclusive.

7.Don’t overdo it

Finally, enthusiasm is great, but don’t overdo it. Listen to your body, pay attention to how it reacts to different workouts and diets you put it through, and respond accordingly. Aussies take their rest days seriously, and you should too, as they help with muscle recovery. This helps in improving the results on the days you do work out. Believe it or not, giving yourself a break can help you get closer to your fitness goals and boost your fitness journey by a huge margin. Hence, instead of overdoing it, trust the process, let your body heal, and be patient with the results. 


Staying fit requires commitment and immense willpower because it is a long-term decision. However, it is also important to realize its significance in the early stages as it can help in improving your overall health and help you in leading a more fulfilling and wholesome life!



Written By
Abhishek Jain in Life
19 Feb 2021