Ways to Maintain a Sound Mental Health
Ways to Maintain a Sound Mental Health

Taking care of your body is not going to serve you with the best results until you learn to guard your emotions and thoughts. No matter how beautiful your journey looks from the outside, if it is unpleasant from the inside, you can never reach your desired destination. Feeding mental health should be a crucial part of our life as staying happy from inside is the key to living a life full of pep. To a considerable extent, our behavior, thoughts, and emotions are affected by the state of our mental health. If we are mentally fit we can do any task at our school, college, home, or workplace with great enthusiasm. 

Mental health has the power to completely change the way we feel, act, or even think. The decisions you make in life will give you flourishing outcomes if you have strong mental health whereas the decisions taken with irrational mental health might become the subject of regret for life. The stress that comes with life can only be easily handled if your mind is active enough to conveniently pass over every stumbling block that comes your way.  It is not essential to always consult a professional in order to deal with your mental issues, in fact, most of the time it remains in your hand to keep yourself mentally sound.

Follow these effective approaches to preserve your precious mental health:

Be Optimistic:

There is not even a single day when you do not talk to yourself. Each and every day there are thousands of dialogues going on in your mind that you simply can’t shut off. Though the appearance of these thoughts is not in your control yet it is all on you how you let them affect your mental health. We do not get positive thoughts all our life, in fact, there will be an abundance of negative thoughts overpowering the positive ones. Being optimistic is the key to shut the door on all your negative thoughts. Just like a half-inch eraser can erase everything a seven-inch pencil writes, likewise your optimism can erase thousands of negative thoughts that consume you. 

Without hope and faith, there can win no battle, surpass no difficulty. In order to be mentally sound, all you need is to focus on thoughts that make you feel better about yourself. In order to walk on a path of achievement, you need to create a mission statement that keeps you inclined to your goals from start to finish of your life journey. How you think of yourself determines how the world is going to think of you. If you think you are bad, the world will think you are the worst and if you think you are great, the whole world will be in your favor (I hope this single statement is enough to understand the power of optimism).

Communicate to yourself:

Talking to yourself is equivalent to taking care of yourself. The moment you start expressing your feelings verbally to yourself, half of your problems get solved right away. Self-talk is not something to take casually or considered as a crazy habit, in fact, it is the key to being compassionate for yourself and becoming your own idol. The communication you make to yourself keeps you in high spirits and heals your mental health. You should speak to yourself as humbly as you talk to others. Every minute keep reminding these things to yourself, ‘You are going to get this’, ‘You are okay’, ‘You will get through this’ etc. All these statements will pump you up to get the things you desire in your life. Developing the habit of self-communication is definitely difficult but the more you practice the more you will get the hang of it. Keep this practice going and one day you will be fully convinced by yourself that you are worthy of a good life.


Meditation is the most effective medicine for your restless mind! Anyone who has tried meditation can never deny the fact that meditation helps a lot to keep you away from life stress and negative thoughts. Meditation acts as your coach, your mentor that teaches you the true meaning of peace. Along with inculcating peace in your mind, meditation directs you to the right path and lets you find all your life mistakes. Conscious breathing is something that keeps you away from the pressure this world puts on you at the very moment. It lets you realize the goodness of what we have and who we are, ultimately that’s the purpose of our life, isn’t it? The moment we become awake to who we are and what is the purpose of our life, we start living rather than trying to accuse or change ourselves. The extraordinary quiet mind heals all your mental wounds and gives birth to a NEW YOU.


You do not work on your dreams until you visualize them and that’s the power of visualization! Visualization gives purpose to your mind, it lets your mind remain active throughout your life. To stay away from mental illness, just close your eyes and visualize a wonderful life you are living in and then start acting in a way to build that life for yourself. In other words, we can say that without visualization, materialization is impossible. Hard labor definitely gives you success but the labor you do after a good fifteen minutes of visualization, serves you the most rapidly. When you imagine something already there even if you don’t have that, you get it in reality within no time. So, visualize with concentration and willingness and there will be nothing stopping you on your way to mental peace.

Taking care of your mental health helps you live a more positive life. Our day-to-day lives are brimmed with negativity and the only way to push all the negativity aside and come out stronger is to follow all the valuable approaches to keep your mind healthy and sound. 

Written By
Abhishek Jain in Life
19 Feb 2021