Why tech is of the essence right now

It doesn’t take a pandemic that threatens everyone’s future to realize that technology is inevitable and tech advances can help us enter a new, reformed digital age. However, it has certainly ushered us into this virtual workspace where working from home has become the new normal, and work environments are constantly being developed and improved with the use of innovative, interactive, and creative technology. Ever since the emergence of the coronavirus and the subsequent lockdowns, technology has progressed and evolved at a rapid rate. Developments that would’ve taken weeks to implement have been accommodated in a matter of days, and we can see why and how technology can lead us into the future of work, on new unprecedented journeys where remote working becomes a norm and digital advancements are used extensively to support employees and their effective functioning.

How it is shaping the future of jobs

Technology is shaping the future and scope of jobs as well as employment in several ways. It encompasses a wide number of aspects when it comes to the future of jobs, some of which are: 


Nature of work

Technology and advancements have been innovated and developed in a way to reduce manual labor that is unnecessary and avoidable. These developments have been structured in a way to decrease and minimize the need to perform repetitive and redundant tasks manually. By diverting human labor from these mechanical tasks, they are being employed in other areas such as strategic thinking and creative fields, where they can be better utilized. Moreover, the focus of a job is shifting from task completion to interactive communication, interpretation, strategic thinking, and ensuring that the jobs are more holistic. The nature of work will change in a way that will shift the focus from having specific limited knowledge about an area to the ability and potential to learn new skills. Organizations are changing their outlook and giving preference to candidates who can adapt and learn continuously and keep up with these trends and advances in technology.


How jobs are carried out

The use of smart machines is an emerging trend that is here to stay. This will reduce the need for manual labor for robotic and mechanical tasks. The range and amount of work being done by these machines and software are constantly increasing, paving way for the employees to focus on the more creative bits of their jobs. By making jobs less routine-centric and seamlessly integrating machines with human skills and advanced expertise, technology is changing and revolutionizing the way jobs are being carried out significantly.


People who do the work

Any organization’s most important resource is the people who work for it and make it better. With the emergence of the latest technology, organizations can reach skilled human resources and experts remotely. This saves them time and money, as well as serves the motive of improving the organization’s efficiency and productivity. Technology is removing all limits and restrictions thanks to virtual workspaces which are being used now more than ever due to the pandemic. Moreover, the employment lifecycle is also undergoing significant changes and the primary motive has shifted to obtaining creativity, passion, expertise, skills, and more that are required by the projects in a more cost-efficient way that doesn’t compromise on quality.


Where the work is being done

As new communication platforms emerge in the wake of the coronavirus and the limitations it poses, multiple barriers have been broken down in terms of communication between different office locations. The focus of technology has shifted to providing and enabling seamless collaborations between remote teams and getting more out of limited resources. It isn’t all focused solely on productivity and reducing overheads. Organizations are also focussing on fostering a nurturing work environment where they can inculcate the company culture and healthy team growth to make sure that the retention rates are high and the employees do not feel disconnected.


The best of the latest tech

The latest technology isn’t focused on developing flying cars or unrealistic and impractical technology that is often portrayed in movies. Instead, it is developed using human intelligence to reduce human effort being put into routine tasks and help employees focus on the more creative and strategic planning of the organization’s projects.

Here are some technologies that are taking over:


Cloud-based communication

Cloud-based communication and management platforms are being developed and simultaneously being implemented by companies to ensure that they can leverage the benefits of a remote workforce well. These cloud-based communication technologies are effective and have been strategically developed to streamline workflow, encourage and facilitate collaboration, and increase overall productivity and efficiency of teams.


Virtual talent platforms

The ability to access qualified professionals and experts has encouraged and urged organizations to rethink and re-structure their talent models and employee life cycles accordingly. With the emergence of virtual talent platforms, employees, as well as employees, can benefit significantly. The latest technology is enabling them to access and communicate with each other easily and facilitating more remote collaborations. This reduces the mismatch of skills required for the job of a project by a significant margin and bridges the limitations posed by availability, location, and relevant experience. In a way, the latest tech developments are empowering digitally-enabled employees to find suitable projects for themselves, instead of being limited by job roles.

Cybersecurity with quantum computing

Finally, as everything goes digital, cybersecurity becomes crucial for organizations to have, implement, and ensure. One of the most unconventional pairings of cybersecurity is quantum computing. When paired with the latter, cybersecurity can be enhanced and supported as it reduces additional costs and helps organizations finance and afford better security solutions. Moreover, quantum computing itself is also contributing to the development of new technologies as it has the potential and capacity to compute data thousands of times faster than the traditional means. This facilitates and enables the development and running of complex AI-based applications as well.


As new technologies emerge radically and rapidly, work environments are changing and taking us on new and uncharted journeys, helping us to unleash the unique potential of human intelligence combined with the efficiency of AI. 


Written By
Abhishek Jain in Technology
19 Feb 2021