Australia’s Prominent Healthcare System and Its Functioning
Australia’s Prominent Healthcare System and Its Functioning

Everyone loves a healthy and happy life and people have been searching for ways to live a rosy-cheeked life since the inception of humankind.  Health is not just limited to being physically sound, in fact, your mental health also plays a major role in keeping you in fine feather. Good health always starts with the smallest decisions you make in your life starting from the food you eat to the place you live in. To a great extent your health depends on the country you live in, the environment you breathe in, and the healthcare facilities you enjoy. When we talk about the countries that serve the best healthcare to their people, Australia always comes at the top.

From the past decade, we have been witnessing a swift development in Australia’s health and medical industry. The country has adopted world-leading technologies, innovations, advanced research, top-notch professional skills as well as a powerful health system. Australia has a pool of leading industries and small companies dealing in advanced health and medical manufactures and suppliers of respiratory, diagnostics, orthopedic, and cardiovascular devices. Australia has also put great efforts into refining various services including Health IT, clinical trials as well as health infrastructure services. Apart from all these booming services, the healthcare sector of Australia has been working on a slew of other services like nanotechnology, science, and engineering in order to bring innovations to the biomedical sphere. 

Australia – A leading country in Medical and surgical equipment and devices

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is responsible for assessing the medical devices and equipment in Australia. The reason why these devices and equipment are of supreme quality is that they are assessed by the TGA first before they enter onto the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. A risk-based approach is followed by TGA to evaluate the equipment and devices. The Medical Device Industry of Australia has been widely known as a leading industry with diverse competitive edges like brisk drug discovery, highly qualified workforce, and the best advantage this industry has its geographic position within the Asia Pacific region. The medical device industry of Australia does not work solely, it has been taken under the wing of the Precision Engineering Industry (PEI). The PEI contributes a lot to the progress of Australia’s medical device industry by researching, developing, designing, manufacturing as well as verifying high precision machines, components, and systems. 

The medical and surgical equipment and devices include:

  • Devices for Diagnosis of Patients

  • Equipment for monitoring the health of Australians

  • Drug delivery

  • Equipment for medical laboratories

  • Implants and devices for biomedical treatments

  • Equipment for dental treatments 

  • Equipment for various surgeries 

  • General hospital supplies

  • Health-related software

Australian Healthcare Services and Infrastructure

Australia’s true growth has only been possible due to its development in healthcare services and infrastructure. The Medicare Benefits Schedule of Australia played a significant role in helping the Aussies to stay well-versed with various healthcare services, policies, and other medical updates. Other than the Medicare schedule, The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme of the Australian government helped in making the medicines affordable and easily accessible for Australians.

In addition to these schemes, the Australian government takes care of various other things including but not limited to:

  • Regulating as well as supporting the private health insurance

  • Funding the aged care services

  • Supporting public hospitals and other primary healthcare services

  • Supervising the quality, efficacies, and potency of public hospitals and other primary healthcare services.

  • Funding medical research

  • Funding veterans’ healthcare

  • Ensuring the quality and swift delivery of medicines 

  • Publishing the Australian Healthcare as well as welfare statistics and information 

  • Keeping an eye on the equal distribution of medicines across the nation

  • Funding the community-controlled health care organizations

  • Keeping tabs on the fair allotment of adept doctors across the nation

  • Preparing various plans and schemes for unheralded national emergencies like pandemics

Robust Clinical Trials

The Australian clinical trials for multinational drug companies have also taken a new and powerful shape as these are now administered by special outsources like contract research organizations (CROs). Because of the CROs’ monitoring, the efficiency, speed, and regulatory of clinical trial systems have enhanced substantially. Australia is globally recognized for its new and advanced innovations in niche areas of the pre-clinical phase like novel strength in biomedical clinical trials and ICN Firefly. 

At the present time, Australia is known for its highest standards of medicines, medical equipment as well as healthcare policies and programs. In this manner, the Australian Healthcare Industry has been booming and taking a new shape each new day providing the greatest health security to its people.

Written By
Amelia Smith in Science
18 Feb 2021