Everything You Need to Know about the Australian Education System
Everything You Need to Know about the Australian Education System

Education is an integral part of our life!  It helps us find the real meaning behind everything. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that we are nothing without education. It helps us look at the world in a different way and we can get a deeper understanding of the world around us through education only. The best thing about education is that it abolishes inequalities. People who are educated are considered at the same level irrespective of their color, class, creed, financial status, or whatnot. 

The Australian Education System  

Australian Education System is probably the best education system so far. It offers you exceptional quality of education, endless employment opportunities as well as internationally identified qualification. For foreign students, the Australian universities are excellent for attaining high-quality education as these universities are widely known for their research and training methodologies.  The Australian Universities have always been in the highlight especially in QS World Ranking and Times Higher Education Rankings because of the premium quality of campus life, adept professors, and academic excellence.

The curriculum offered by the Australian Education System is unique in its own way! Rather than focusing on a single skill, it gives attention to the development of a number of skills including critical thinking, literacy, communication, creativity, analytical thinking ability, ethical understanding, and much more. In this way, it becomes the ideal curriculum which the person all-rounder. Having choices in life makes it even more interesting and that’s what you get in the Australian Education System, it offers you around 22,000 unique courses in more than 1,100 institutes hosted by the most popular citifies of Australia like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

The Australian Qualification Framework

To ensure the high-quality standards of education throughout the nation, the Australian government took the best decision of designing AQF i.e. Australian Qualification Framework which regulates the qualification standards for higher education, vocational education, and training (territory education sector). AQF creates a clear path for students to follow walking on which they can lead from one qualification to another down the list without any chaos. It sorts out the education system by diving it into 10 levels interconnecting various schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions on a single platform. There are basically three tiers in the Australian Education System i.e. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary level. Thereby, students get a flexible education system, a lot of choices, and better career planning. 

Let’s Walk You through the 10 AQF Levels and Qualification Type

  • Level 1 – Certificate I 

  • Level 2 – Certificate II

  • Level 3 – Certificate III

  • Level 4 – Certificate IV

  • Level 5 – Diploma

  • Level 6 – Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree

  • Level 7 – Bachelor Degree

  • Level 8 – Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma

  • Level 9 – Master’s Degree

  • Level 10 – Doctoral Degree 

The university level is considered to be the highest level of education in Australia. There is a total of 43 universities offering the best quality education in Australia. 40 out of 43 universities these universities are government-funded, two are international universities, and one is a private university. Other than the Degree education, students also have the option to enroll in various vocational courses that will lead them to productive industries for work or university education. The institutes offering vocational courses are either government-funded or private establishments. Students enrolled in such courses get command over their practical skills and are also offered industry training. 

The Structure of Higher Education in Australia

The Australian Education System offers a well-structured higher education which helps them build a flourishing career in Australia. Bachelor, Master, and doctoral degrees are what you get when you go through the three types of higher education offered by Australia. Students acquire a slew of productive skills while pursuing higher education and it makes them all set to enter the corporate world. 

Fees and Scholarships in the Australian Education System  

Before you decide to fly to Australia in order to attain a top-quality education, it is imperative for you to understand the expenses that you have to bear during your study in Australia. Australia is known to be the most affordable country in terms of living expenses and tuition costs (got a sigh of relief?). In addition to offering affordable and high-quality education, Australia also grants you various part-time work opportunities through which you can manage your expenses conveniently. According to the Australian government, the budget of a single student for a year of living is AUD$19,830 which is nothing as compared to countries like the USA and UK. At the same time, we cannot overlook the fact that the exchange rate variations might affect the budgeting. Also, the average tuition fees at one of Australia’s tertiary institutions ranges between AUD$20,000 and AUD$30,000 a year. The international students in Australia also enjoy a range of scholarships and pursue studies in their chosen universities. 

The Australian Academic Year 

Between late January and early February, the high school system starts in Australia. On the other hand, the vocational and university students start their session at the end of February or early March. The universities and vocational colleges have two semesters whereas the high schools have three or more terms. At the end of each semester (June and November), exams are conducted and students get 2-4 week breaks between each semester. From November or December to February, the students get a long break. Also, students have the option to choose a summer program which means a third semester will be added in the year. 

What’s most important to learn is that a well-structured education system makes it possible to kick out all barriers while a disorganized education system can create multiple barriers in your way to progress. So, make sure you choose the right place like Australia to build a booming career for yourself. 



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11 Feb 2021