Australian Panorama: Capture the Wonders in Australia
Australian Panorama: Capture the Wonders in Australia

A picture tells a story you can’t frame into words, it expresses you when your words become fuzzy! Photography is something that makes reality even more real. Its subtlety bespeaks the rich humanity of the moment.  Wherever you go, you take pictures to keep those moments close to your heart forever. Photographs help you look back at those blissful moments you have sunk into oblivion long ago. Photography is not something to look at, in fact, it is something to feel. As long as you are feeling what you are looking at, you can embrace the contentment it gives you. The magic does not only work behind the lens, it works on either side of it. Photography can turn an ordinary place into extraordinary! It is all about the way you see those places, it is an art of observation.

Australia is a continent with untamed wilderness and sheer beauty. All of its eight states have a distinct charm that sweeps off one’s feet towards them. It has everything a beautiful country should possess, from breathtaking natural formations to astounding man-made wonders. As Australia is the world’s 6th largest country, capturing its elegance in a photograph can be a daunting task. The sun tints on Australia’s land shine way too brightly for the camera lens yet nobody can resist capturing the absolute magnitude of its awe-inspiring landscape. When you capture its staggering sapphire seas, copper-earthed desserts, tropical islands, red rocks, and kaleidoscopic coral reefs, you get intrigued. You try to discern the story these photographs tell you! 

Do NOT Forget to Capture these Splendors Whenever You Visit Australia

No matter what, you will always find Australia in the bucket-list of almost every traveler and it is not surprising as the beauty of Australia is worth your eyes! It elevates your soul when you move from Sydney coffee shops to dazzling islands and mountains. Here is the list of Australia’s alluring wonders which you can capture to take the viewing pleasure later:

Great Barrier Reef

There is a wide array of beauties to capture in the Great Barrier Reef. You do not have to explain your glee in words when you can capture its 2,300-kilometer-long world heritage. The moment you take the pictures of its Seagrass beds, Mangroves, and Tropical Islands, they become the beautiful imagination you want to create with reality. Do the Scuba Diving, snorkeling along the blazing coral reefs and flaunt your skills everywhere or show them the bird’s eye view of Queensland which is unforgettable. Visit the most thriving tourist town of Cairns and capture the charm of the Great Barrier Reef from its launching point. 

Sydney Harbour, New South Wales

Lit your life up with the mesmerizing pictures of Sydney Harbour, adorned with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the exemplary Sydney Opera House. Take your camera in your hand and get into Harbour cruise seize the beauty of its tiny islands, waterfront suburbs, and deserted coves. When you capture the Sydney BridgeClimb adventure, you enjoy how it held still the stunning views from the top of the bridge. Once you lay eyes on these spellbinding pictures, there is no going back! 

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

I bet you won’t stop framing when you will see these enormous slices of coast along the southern shores of Australia. The giant jigsaw puzzle-like pieces of the rocky remnants are worth capturing into small photographs. The popular scenic drive in the cruise along the cliffs of Great Ocean Road laves you in awe of these beautiful and powerful forces of nature. Get behind the lens and click the most famous landforms like Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge, Twelve Apostles as well as The Arch. 

Cape Tribulation, Queensland

Visiting this place is like living heaven and who does not want to capture heaven to relive it time and again? Live with the images of this spectacular place where the reef and the rainforest mingle and grant a staggering view to soothe your eyes. Along with capturing the dense jungle of the Daintree Rainforest, you can capture the craziest tropical adventures like zip-lining through the rain forest, hiking, horse-riding on beaches, and Scuba diving. 

Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

The sterile wilderness areas and pristine forests of Tasmania make it stand out from all the wonders of Australia. The best thing about this place is the Freycinet. When its captivating curve of Wineglass Bay is captured in a frame, people take the pleasure of azure waters upon a dazzling arc of white-sand beach backed by bush right from the picture. You cannot hold yourself from clicking the scenic lookouts while hiking the trails. Also, the wildlife diversity including black cockatoos and Kookaburras will fit wonderfully in your frame.

Undoubtedly, Australia is full of stunning wonders you can take pleasure in, either behind the lens or the other side. Clicking these alluring places makes you connect with them whenever you look back at the frames. Photography is a lifetime pleasure and clicking Australia’s incredible wonders lets you go in-depth of the feelings and joy you experienced while visiting them. 

Written By
Alice Smith in Arts and Entertainment
10 Feb 2021