Australian Justice System: The Foundation of Australia
Australian Justice System: The Foundation of Australia

Racism, Class Discrimination, Crimes, Lack of Resources, etc., you must have heard about all of these and we are pretty sure you find them scary, don’t you? Well, a nation without an efficient legal system goes through these social evils every day. Now imagine living in a nation like this! Even the thought of it fills us with distress, doesn’t it? This is why we desire a nation with a structured justice system where everyone is valued and the social evils are dealt with acerbity. A structured legal system is capable of establishing certain laws and rules which help people act and behave in a positive way so as to build a united society. A better understanding of these laws helps the society, community, organizations, and the government to work effectively. In a structured justice system, the laws are created by a legitimate legal authority and applied to everyone, irrespective of their class, creed, or superiority. In this way, the nation makes sure that its people understand what is expected of them and what they can expect from their nation.

Similarly, the justice system plays a key role in making Australia a politically stable nation. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that what holds Australia together is its justice system. This kind of system has been bringing a difference to this strong nation and making it stronger each new day. In Australia, there is not a particular “superior organization” that enforces all the laws, in fact, there is a range of different organizations that make sure all the people in the country stay empowered together. All the tribunals, courts, parliaments, prisons, and police collectively make the Justice System of Australia. 

A Glance at the History of the Australian Justice System  

Around 50,000 years ago the justice system of Australia was built and regulated by the indigenous people in their own way. Just like the present time, social evils were not spared at that time as well. The people were able to live in harmony because they used to follow all the rules made by them and those who didn’t follow them were penalized. But these rules and laws made by indigenous people were terribly abandoned with the arrival of Europeans. These Europeans termed the Australian land as ‘uninhabited’ and they started establishing their own system. Basically, the legal system of Australia was developed by the Britishers when they were planning to set up the colonies in Australia during the 1770s. Then emerged the ‘responsible government’ where each colony was granted a separate government with different sets of rules and regulations. 

There came a time when all the six colonies i.e. New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia met and decided to make a single constitution for all in the 1890s. Finally, the Australian Constitution was passed and took effect on January 1, 1901. As they say, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, likewise, the creation of the Australian Justice System began with the creation of the Australian Constitution. 

Importance of the Justice System in Australia

There’s no denying the fact that most of the aspects of our everyday life are influenced by the rules and regulations we follow. Without rules, our life is chaos! Wherever we go, whichever group we join, we have to follow a certain set of rules to avoid turmoil. In like manner, to escape anarchy, a nation needs a well-structured justice system. The justice system of Australia binds its people together. It creates a borderland which makes people understand that crossing this land would be a crying shame. In this way, the Australian community learns to follow the code of conduct by staying together peacefully. The major purpose of creating the laws and rules is to let people value each other and make sure they do not get involved in any kind of activity that might hurt the sentiments of other people. Australia is a nation completely free from bullying and discrimination, thanks to the nation’s anti-bullying and anti-discrimination laws. These laws don’t let anyone victimize, abuse, or discriminate against other people on the basis of sex, religion, or race. Other than that there are a bunch of laws that help all the groups, whether it’s the family, workplace, or consumer group.

Which Principals Does the Australian Justice System Follow? 

As we mentioned above, the Australian Justice System is made of a slew of elements that come together to make it the strongest. It includes a range of procedures, courts, tribunals, judges, magistrates, legal representatives as well as the police force and prisons. No matter how diverse these elements are, they all follow a few key principles on which the working of the whole Australian Legal System depends. These principles help to protect the right of each individual and make sure everyone gets equal opportunities. Let’s bring to light these key principles of the Australian Justice System:

  • Courts and judges play the most important role in serving justice to people. Everyone looks at them with hopeful eyes and it is the duty of judges and courts to make sure that everyone is equal before the law. In this way, impartiality or non-biasness becomes the first key principle of the Australian Justice System.

  • Australia treats its citizens at the top of its priorities list and ensures that they are heard before the court because “the voice of people matters!” The Australian courts are known for their unbiased hearing and no one returns from here disappointed.

  • Another important principle followed by the Australian Justice System is the impartial and independent judiciary. Australia is all about ‘equality’ and its government ensures no one gets deprived of the right of equality.  

Keeping all these things in mind, we can proudly say that the Australian Justice System plays a major role in keeping the nation unified. 

Written By
Alice Smith in Politics
10 Feb 2021