Australian Cuisine in Vogue: Delicacies You MUST Try in Australia
Australian Cuisine in Vogue: Delicacies You MUST Try in Australia

When you travel somewhere what is the thing that pops into your head other than the alluring sights and a cozy stay? Are you thinking about food? Well, if you are, then it’s totally right! Wherever we go, whatever we do, there is one thing that remains constant and that is our way of regularly stopping and occupying ourselves in eating.  A leisurely breakfast, appealing lunch, and a peaceful dinner are all we crave for. Roaming around or spending your vacations in any country is incomplete without its local food. So, if you plan to travel to Australia or are just showing your friend round, you should not miss the best cuisine that this beautiful nation serves. Though Australia does not have any particular cuisine of its own yet it has an affluence of mouthwatering food options from the unique meat to chocolate biscuits to some of the most common Australian foods.

Let’s Walk You through the List of Appetizing Food in Australia that You Just Can’t Miss:


Vegemite is popular because of various reasons and one of them is that it’s discovered by foreigners. It has always got mixed responses, while some treat this as a “finger-licking” spread, some just hate its taste! No matter how it tastes, you just cannot end your vacation in Australia without trying Vegemite. This national icon is one of the most common spreads in Australia prepared from spices and yeast extract. It is thicky, starchy, and dense and sometimes it reminds you of marmite in the UK. Aussies prefer eating it on toast and pair it with avocado, pepper, and salt. Its dark brown color gives us an image of peanut butter but wait, you should be aware as it’s not to everyone’s taste.

Emu meat

Visiting Australia and not having emu meat can make you regret for life! This meat is recognized for its low cholesterol and less content of fat so all the diet freaks out there, this can be YOUR thing. It tastes luscious when smoked or served as a pizza topping. Aussies enjoy this by having it in a pie with red wine in hand, it legit gives a modern gourmet twist. Though it is a type of red meat yet it is recommended to cook it carefully as there are high chances of meat to dry out.

Tim –Tams

Wait, a disclaimer before you try these Tim-Tams: These can really be ADDICTIVE!! Every bite twists your arm to pick another and then another! These chocolate biscuits are created by Ian Norris and then renamed by Ross Arnott and I bet no traveler has returned without trying Australia’s favorite chocolate biscuits.  The most attractive part of these biscuits is the way they are designed, two luscious malted biscuits joined with chocolate cream and coated with a thin layer of chocolate (I know you have a watery mouth right now, don’t you?). These biscuits have been gaining more popularity recently as now they come in varieties like white chocolate, caramel, dark chocolate, and many more.

Fairy Bread

Well, I remember the time when I called off my birthday party just because I did not get the Fairy Bread and I am sure most of you can relate to it, right? This is the magic of fairy bread, its heavenly taste not just fascinates the kids but even adults can’t resist binge-eating this bread. The tastier this fairy bread looks, the easier it is to prepare this, just three simple ingredients and boom you have the scrumptious fairy bread in front of you. These magic ingredients are white bread, butter, and lots of sprinkles which make its taste divine! This triangle-shaped bread does not only taste good, in fact, also has a colorful appearance which makes it a kid’s favorite.

Meat Pie

This dish is a perfect example of “Guilty Pleasure”. Visiting Australia and having this meat pie makes your trip a complete happy package. This is one of the popular Australian foods and every party is joyless without the presence of this one. Whenever Aussies organize a house party, go to a sporting venue, get tired after drinking and dancing, or are lazing around their home after a long busy day, Meat Pie comes always at the top of their menu list. Though there are so many ways to pair this up with, the most famous ones are mashed potatoes and gravy (trust me you cannot resist it).

Anzac Biscuits

These biscuits are not some ordinary biscuits, they have many sentiments attached. They remind us of the times when the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps were struggling together during WWI. These biscuits celebrate the bravery of those army men that fought for the country. Let me explain to you the story behind these yummy Anzac Biscuits: While the Australian and New Zealand army men were fighting to save their country during World War I, their wives used to make these tasty biscuits and send them to soldiers. Wondering why these biscuits? What specialty do these have? Well, these biscuits are made with powerful ingredients like flour, sugar, rolled oats, golden syrup, butter, desiccated coconut, bicarbonate of soda, and water that help them keep up for a longer time. So, don’t forget to try these yummy Anzac Biscuits when you visit Australia.

Other than the varieties mentioned above, Australia has a slew of other delicacies to satisfy your appetite and soul. You might love them or you might hate them but trust me you cannot miss them. So, waiting for what? If you are already in Australia or planning to take a tour, get your food list prepared right now! 

Written By
Alice Smith in Luxury and Lifestyle
10 Feb 2021