Australia’s Fight against Covid -19: The Australian Approach to Defeat the Pandemic
Australia’s Fight against Covid -19: The Australian Approach to Defeat the Pandemic

Coping with the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic has not been easy! It has affected everyone in

every part of the world, eventually causing a dramatic loss of human life worldwide. While all

countries were facing drastic social and economic disruptions, it became necessary to take

immediate actions in order to shut the doors on this unpredictable adversity. Though all the

countries have had their own effective approach to deal with this deadly disease yet some took a

sigh of relief while some are still struggling.

Out of all, it is quite evident that the Australian response to the Coronavirus outbreak has been one

of the most effective ones. There was a time when Australia was on the peak with more than 400

cases a day and now this nation has proved the efficiency of its strategies with fewer than 20 cases a

day. Australia is a country with a large density of population and tackling this worst situation was the

toughest for this nation yet its various smart moves helped the country to deal successfully with the

hard times so far.

Some of the thriving Australian approaches to fighting back Covid-19:

The Formation of a National Cabinet:

Listening to the experts and taking decisions collectively can never be a failed strategy and

this is exactly what Australia followed. Australia’s first successful response to Covid-19 was

the formation of a National Cabinet where the leaders of each state and territory

government, as well as the Prime Minister, came together to fight this battle. The

responsibilities were divided among these authorities. On one hand, the workings of public

hospitals, public health, and emergency management, lockdown, and distancing restrictions

are monitored by States and territories and on the other, the business and income support

programs are the responsibility of the Commonwealth. They all worked together and

managed the responsibilities cooperatively for the better operations of the National Cabinet.

Though this cabinet was formed at the peak time yet it managed to show effective results

expeditiously. Just within a week of the formation of the National Cabinet, various

restrictions were put including the restriction on social gatherings. Later that, all the non-

essential services were temporarily put to a halt consequently all the governments were

pushed to announce the widespread business shutdowns as Prime Minister Scott Morrison

took the wise decision.


 Sealing the International Border and Quarantine:

Australia’s decision to seal the international borders on 20th March 2020 was probably the

best decision. It was observed that two-third of Australia’s Corona cases were due to

overseas travel and taking the right decision of restricting foreign travels was the major

turning point. Right after a week, another strategy was put to action and that was

mandatory two-week quarantine for all international travels. This quarantine period was the

most powerful weapon to beat down the adversities of the Coronavirus. Well, there were

many questions on Australia including why a quarantine of 14 days? The Australian Health

Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) answered this question very well.

According to AHPPC, this quarantine period is based on the median incubation period for

COVID–19 which is usually between 4.9 and 7 days. However, it is not necessary that the

symptoms of coronavirus will only be visible between these days. There were cases where

some people showed symptoms on the very first day while some showed as late as day 14.

The statement by Professor Cruickshank of the University of Technology, Sydney, explained

it more directly, have a look:

"The 14 days has come about to make sure that there's sufficient time between a person

becoming infected and showing symptoms,”

 Smart Aussies Supported Social Distancing

Imposing the rules is easy but making people follow them is the real challenge. Aussies have

always been known for their smartness as well as cooperative nature and in this time of

emergency, they proved it! Australia’s rapid adoption of social distancing proved to be a

really wise decision and at the same time, the Australians following these rules strictly made

the scheme even more fruitful. The moment Australians saw the devastating images of Italy

battling with Covid and about to collapse opened their eyes and they started limiting their

activities way before the official restrictions were announced.

According to the data released to the Grattan Institute, the crowding in the largest cities of

Australia was already reduced before the implementations of stage 1 restrictions. Likewise,

the crowding at public transports like buses was also substantially reduced. Even though the

restrictions for social distancing in Australia were less tight than the other countries, it is

observed that Australia has the lowest number of community transmission.

 Provision of Telehealth Services

The expansion of telehealth services was another important and smart move by the

Australian government to fight down Corona Virus. With these services, the patients can

easily consult the doctors and healthcare providers through telephone or videoconference.

Australians have adopted this new way of consulting healthcare professionals very

gracefully. As per the records, it was found that within the first five weeks more than 4.3

million medical and health services were delivered to three million patients.

Also, the Australian government has helped healthcare practitioners a lot by adding a slew

of Temporary Medicare Items in order to facilitate the delivery of telehealth services via

videoconferencing or phone. In this way, the healthcare professional, their staff as well as

the patients successfully avoided the risk of infection.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, we can say that Australia has come a long way successfully fighting

back Covid-19. Though there is still a long way to go, Australia can surely deal with it as effectively as

it did in the past.

Written By
Alice Smith in Society
10 Feb 2021