All about Australian Cardiology: How Australia Guards your Heart
All about Australian Cardiology: How Australia Guards your Heart

Australia has always been at the top when it comes to contributing to the health and wellbeing of its

people. It is a widely known fact that Aussies live a healthier life than the rest of the world and it is

all because of the splendid healthcare facilities in Australia. The rapid development of innovative

industries in Australia has also played a major role in providing better treatment and superlative

healthcare to Australians. Regardless of the best healthcare facilities, there are some deadly diseases

that create a sense of fear in people. In such circumstances, it becomes imperative for a country to

assure safety to its citizens. When we talk about these deadly diseases, Cardiovascular Disease

cannot be overlooked. This disease is one of the leading causes of death in people. Keeping this issue

in mind, it is crucial for a country to brace itself with all the superlative healthcare facilities in order

to fight back this disease. Thus, to guard the heart of its people, Australia has always worked on its

Cardiology treatments. The development of cardiology in Australia has always been a continuing

process and is taking new shape every day. Day by day cardiology has been gaining its own

characteristics in Australia.

A Short History of Cardiovascular Disease in Australia

Back in time, the indigenous people had been suffering from a lower quality of life due to the

prevalence of the cardiovascular disease. The lower life expectancy of indigenous people built a gap

between them and the people from the rest of the world. As the Australian government has always

stuck up with its people, it started to address the problem or we can say it left no stone unturned in

order to fill this gap of inequality. The Council of Australian Government adopted its policy “Closing

the Gap” with the purpose of liberating its people from health constraints. This policy was the


beginning of a healthy future for indigenous people. A slew of targets was set to form a range of

health and wellbeing indicators. Consequently, a number of healthcare strategies, programs, and

policies were implemented with the sole aim of improving the health of indigenous people.

The programs and policies developed for cardiovascular disease spread among the indigenous

people were the most effective strategies and generated fruitful results. The Australian strategies

come at the top when it comes to the most effective contribution to mobility and mortality among

indigenous Australians. The Australian government timely managed and monitored the

complications caused by the disease, the strategies to prevent health deterioration from

cardiovascular disease, enhancing their cardiology facilities, exploring effective alternative methods

to prevent the disease as well as modifying and improving the healthy lifestyle of Australians.

The Cardiovascular Health Mission

The Cardiovascular Health Mission is a great initiative taken by the Australian government to

strengthen the heart health of Australians. It is a $220 Million research fund to undertake various

activities and programs for wiping out heart diseases from the land. The sole purpose of this mission

is to drive transformative enhancement in cardiovascular health and stroke for Australians. This

mission includes the following activities:

 Advancing and building of workforce capabilities as well as research capacity

 Active involvement of the people who had or have been suffering from heart diseases as

genuine co-design and co-delivery.

 Translating research into effective health policy and practice

 Undertaking excellent research in order to find early-intervention treatments, preventive

measures as well as survivorship of heart diseases.

 Boosting the collaboration between healthcare funders, policymakers, research teams, and

the health delivery sector including the education sectors.


 Generating excellent opportunities for the collaboration between research teams

How the Cardiovascular Health Mission has been a savior for Australia

Since the cardiovascular disease has been a major cause of premature deaths, disabilities, and lower

life expectancy in Australians, the timely decision of the Australian government to form the

cardiovascular health mission policy turned out to be the savior for Australia. Though this mission

came with an abundance of benefits, we have summed them up in a few points below:

 Prevention of heart diseases and stroke

It has helped a lot in improving the knowledge as well as putting it into practice so as to

reduce the number of heart patients in Australia. In this way, premature disability, mortality,

and morbidity have been prevented to a great extent. The survival and life quality of

Australians have also been enhanced.

 Increased survival outcomes after an acute heart attack or stroke

With the help of this mission, the survival outcomes of patients after a stroke or an acute

heart attack have increased. This could be possible because of the enhanced knowledge

about various new technologies and better cardiology treatments. New novel and

personalized treatment strategies were formed because of which the patients are able to

come out of the life-threatening events. The Australian hospitals and caregivers now have

easy access to the best practice treatment options for cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke,

and cardiac shock.

 Improved secondary prevention after a cardiovascular event

The Cardiovascular Health Mission also facilitated innovative approaches to support

effective secondary prevention in a long run. Also, various strategies are formed to maximize

post-even wellness and build effective excellent secondary prevention strategies. In this

way, the recurrent and repeat hospitalization among Aussies has been reduced along with


the reduction in premature disability, mortality, and morbidity.


In this way, the Australian government and healthcare sector have timely developed a number of

strategies to rescue its people from various heart diseases. The enhanced cardiology treatments for


heart patients, increased and innovative ideas have worked together to rescue the heart of Aussies

and help them lead a better healthy life.


Written By
Alice Smith in Science
10 Feb 2021