Perk up your life without degrading your work
“You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.” – Heather Schuck

Have you ever tried to discern why Heather Schuck must have written this quote? Well, let us explain to you! Making yourself gloomy or miserable just to achieve success is never going to keep you in good cheer. What happens when you turn back the history pages and see the struggles of geniuses? You try to do the same but get nothing in return except for battles one after the other, right? Honestly, having your nose to the grindstone will never take you to achievements. Have you ever wondered what happens when you don’t sleep, exercise, or eat healthily? Does it make your work-life full of pep? NO, right? All these things do nothing but affect your performance, your decisions, and in the end you as well as your company suffers.

Quite frankly, this is not our mistake as we have always been told to keep hustling until we become successful. But, what is a success for you? Having money, a good organization without a personal relationship is success? Or having everything in the right amount, a complete balanced life is success? I know you are in support of the latter statement, but how to achieve it? For a clearer picture let me give you an example –

Imagine you are juggling with 4 balls, work, family, health, and spirit. Accidently, you drop all the balls on the floor and only one ball bounced back and that is the ball of WORK. Now, why and how did it happen? Simply because your work was a rubber ball and the rest of the balls were glass balls. If you lose work, it always bounces back to you sooner or later but once you drop your life, your relationships, they will not bounce back. In fact, they will damage and will never be the same.

Schedule your priorities and act in accordance

We often mistake scheduling our priorities by prioritizing our schedule. Sit back and pace yourself, try to know what makes you HAPPY, what makes you RESENTFUL? All you have to do is keeping things that make you happy at the top and shut the door on the things that make you resentful. It is true that you cannot have everything in life, but having things that give peace to your soul is everything. You give yourself away the moment you decide to compromise with your family and your spirit. By this, we do not mean work is unimportant. There will be times when work will become inexorable, at that time you will have to reschedule your priorities. Give work importance but not at the cost of your personal relationships, and most importantly put YOURSELF at the top of your ‘to-do’ list.

Place limits at work

If you really want to balance your professional and personal life then you should be pro at the art of placing limits at work. Make yourself unavailable at work after working hours, in this way you can make yourself available for your loved ones. But to achieve this, you need to communicate your limits clearly. Be honest and tell everyone at your workplace that you will not be available after the working hours. The moment you reach home, make sure you limit access to your emails or calls. No, don’t bring your work laptop at home and even if you do, make sure you do not delve into it when your kids or your parents are around. Give them time, tell them how your day was, and ask them how their day went. Also, do not hesitate to go on vacation when you really need it. We often disappoint our loved ones just to avoid baffling our boss. Have the courage to tell your boss you are not ready to compromise your quality time with family or with yourself.

If you will not place limits on your work, there might be times when you will suffer the pain of broken relationships, you might lose your parenting moments which will never come back, or you might even lose your happy soul forever.

Make your work-life balanced

To balance your personal and professional life, it is imperative for you to understand that both of them have separate elements, and mixing them together might demolish the structure. Make sure you do not drag your personal issues at the workplace or discuss your office brawl at home. When you learn to keep things separated, you become a happy employee and a happy person. As we all know happiness is the key to great productivity and a peaceful soul. If you want to be productive and use your skills to the fullest at your workplace you need to understand that working hard the whole day is not going to serve you. In fact, you need to make sure the time you spend during your working hours is visible and valuable.

Do not forget to exercise

Being in full swing at work requires watching out for your health too. There are a bunch of measures you can take to keep yourself able-bodied. Along with getting height-adjustable tables and comfortable chairs, you need to spend some time in yoga classes, back training, and regular health education classes. Furthermore, you should take a healthy diet as your highest responsibility. Take healthy meals from your canteen like gluten-free food, vegetables, and vegan. Make sure you are drinking water at frequent intervals while you are working.

To perk up your life without lacking at work, make sure “work after work” is not on your list. In fact, “family after work” stays at the top of your list. After all, Working HARD is not the key, working SMART is!

Written By
Ani Goswami in Career
23 Jan 2021