Fringe Benefits Awarded By an Efficient Organisational Culture
Beans bags does not necessarily equate to good organisational culture

We always relish the place where we are valued, be it our home, educational institute, or the organization. Managing the culture of an organization efficiently is critical because if we fail to manage our company’s culture, there comes a time where it will manage us and we might not be aware of its extent. Your workday experience is totally in the power of your organization’s culture. The culture is not the result of a single factor, in fact, it is made out of a bunch of elements including the Company’s values, moods, expectations, mission, goals, floorplans, and much more. It does not matter whether the factor is great or small, they all blend together to shape the culture of your organization.

Good organizational culture does not depend on how big a company is or how much money does it spend on luxury items. A company offering a space with comfortable chairs and tables, and values its employees is capable of maintaining a good culture. A company where each employee is being heard and works with cooperation has a good culture. In short, to have an upright culture, one should develop a cooperative and valuable environment first.

What is organizational culture?

Organizational culture is nothing but the shared beliefs, goals, and values of the people working in it. These beliefs and values are set up by the leaders to shape employees’ social graces and insight. Also, it’s extensive for the leaders to understand the right ways and means to communicate these values with the employees. Every organization has its own way to develop its culture because apparently, it is not a one-size-fits-all thing. Behind every flourishing company, it’s the upright culture putting it in two cents. To build a righteous culture, leaders go right out of the box and live their culture every day. They pass on their organizational values to the current and upcoming employees and make sure they live up to it.

On one hand, effective culture can take the organization to a successful peak, while on the other an ineffective organization can bring it down altogether. The results of a feeble culture are adverse as the company might face poor customer relations, high turnovers, backing off employees, and whatnot. Understanding culture is baffling as there no generally accepted definition of culture which you can read from a book and cram it right away. In fact, to get a better understating of culture one needs to practice its components every day.

Perks of a good organizational culture

Good organizational culture is important for the overall health of your company. It can take your company to new heights along with putting a feather in every employee’s hat. The culture of your company affects every area of your business and there are no two ways about it. If your organization has a really strong culture it can perk up everyone’s life working in that company.

Let’s take a tour of the perks you might enjoy if your organization’s culture is the strongest:

Ø  Constant Evolvement

According to a survey, it is highly believed that a good cultured organization experiences the best employee engagement. More engaged employees are more productive, satisfied, and fulfilled. In this way, they perform untiringly in their organization, consequently, it will generate a good ethic.  Perked-up employees try their best to deliver the best product and services which will eventually generate satisfied customers, thereby ensuring the constant evolvement of the organization.

Ø  Customer Gratification

Appreciating your customers is the key to a rising business. It does not matter how much you are praising your own organization until your customers are singing the praises for you. Now, the question comes how a good organizational culture can make the customers gratified? When an organization has a motivated and better-equipped team, they work hard to deliver the best to the customers. As everyone knows, customers love certainty and if you do not have certainty within your organization how can you pass it on to your customers? So, to make sure your customers feel content, it is crucial to maintain an efficient culture of your organization.

Ø  Improved Decision Making

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” - Peter F. Drucker

Ever wondered why this quote was written? Well, your success reflects the decisions you made in past. If are incapable of making decisions and put your future in someone else’s hand, you might end up losing it all. To make a better decision for your organization, you need systematic thoughts and critical thinking skills. All these qualities can only be developed if each and every employee is motivated and has a better understanding of cooperating values. The more they guided by their leaders, the more they will be able to make decisions that are directed towards the organization’s goals.

Ø  Happy and Retained EmployeesThe most challenging task for HR is retaining the employees. There are many more things an employee expects from his organization other than a good paycheck and incentives. They are more inclined towards an environment that gives them value, knowledge, and integrity. A healthy work-life balance enables them to stay motivated and encouraged throughout their career. When an employee faces nothing but stress in the organization, his desire to escape increases day after day. So, to retain them, the leaders of the organization should make sure they are valued. Giving the option to work remotely sometimes, letting them leave early on Fridays so they return afresh on Monday are some of the best ways to ensure their retention.

These are just a few examples of what magic a good culture can do to an organization. Leaders play the most important role in setting up the upright culture of their organization. The more time you will invest in maintaining a good culture, the more prosperous your organization will be.

Written By
Ani Goswami in Career
13 Jan 2021